What Can Be Recycled?

1) Paper :- (For Recycling and Reuse)
Newspapers, Books, Magazines, Carton Boxes, Waste paper. 
2) Wearable Clothing and Personal Belongings :- (For Reuse)
Children’s Ware, Adult’s Ware, Handbags, Shoes, Traveling Bags, Dolls/Toys and etc.
3) Metals :- (For Reuse & Recycling)
Aluminium Cans, Tins, Dinnerware (Cutlery & Cookware), Copper, Brass, Iron and etc.
4) Plastic :- (For Reuse & Recycling)
Soft type like Mineral and Shampoo Bottles, Tupperwares etc. 
5) Glass :- (For Reuse & Recycling)
Glass bottles, Dinnerware (Plates, Bowls and Cups).
6) Household Junk :- (For Reuse)
Good Condition Furnitures (Office or Domestic Use), Full Sofa set, Mattresses, Curtains, Kitchen Utensils and etc. 
7) Electricals & Electronic Items :- (For Reuse & Recycling)
Good or Spoilt machinery like Computer, Hi-Fi Set, Television, Player, Fans, Fridges, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machine and etc.

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